Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Music represents a unique phenomenon. It does can make to like, motivated sorrowful and or, even can make atmosphere become romanticly, depended from its music type.
Some times then have been found by some benefit which can be obtained from listening music. In the world of psychology and doctor, believed that by music can be used as therapy to assist healing process, to increase intelligence of someone, even baby brain cell growth which still in content can be stimulated by listening classic music.
In the world of job in the reality music can be exploited to increase the spirit of job. Music oscillation in workroom can assist easy going you to be more (so that you do not too stress with heavy work load) so that your performance mount or if you is to work physically swiftly, music can assist to add the spirit of job. Although listen music when working useful to increase your performance, of course have to be adapted for by company order and condition.

Following there is some benefit listen music when working.
“Eliminating saturation. If you have work having the character of to wait like receptionist, telephone operator, security and or other profession which of a kind, likely very precise if working at the same time listen music. Because the profession have high saturation level, but its existence of vital importance in company. Hence to prevent saturation and make you remain to awake, music is best solution
“Source of inspiration. That inspiration can come from any where and any time. Including from oscillation music. It is possible that inspiration you'd after listening song. For example a writer. Oftentimes idea to write to emerge after he listen song. Existing story in that song can become poured inspiration in the form of story. Or if you a designer, music can develop your imagination, so that result of device you can be better.
“Attending atmosphere. So that atmosphere increase atmosphere and warmness more the merry, attendance of music of vital importance. With silent room music can become hilariously, with quiet atmosphere music will become life, even with music also job environment become brotherly and warmer
“Increase creativity. Music makes someone more creative. This expression likely in moderation, because like mentioned in point above, that music can become the source of inspiration and develop imagination, hence by expanding your imagination it, inspiration emerge, you'd yield masterpiece which always newly and original. You also can see problem which is difficult to be handled with viewpoint differ to peep out different solution.
“Inspiring. If you do work which is requiring many physical job, music jolting, like rock ' roll n, metal music represent music type which can make the spirit of your job increase. By listening its oscillation, beating time it and correct reading its melody have last for racing heart and make your adrenalin mount. Hotly which mounting, speed work you will mount
Become to listen music which we take a fancy to when working, matching with condition will make happy us and motivated. So that performance we will mount.